First Time Elementary Sessions

iMovie Made Simple (Taught By: Melissa Feilke and Elizabeth Hoffner)

Flipped Learning by Tina Schmidt

Flipped Learning by Sharon Casadei

Google Tools and beyond- John Falcone

Google Tools and Beyond - Colleen Pohle

BYOD Sample User Agreement - Sharon Casadei

BYOD notes - Sharon Casadei

Returning Elementary Sessions

Content Creation Jill Lebiedzinski

Padagogy, Enthusiasm, and Project-Based Learning- Mary Jeanne Smith

Web Tools, Apps, and Devices for 21st Century Classroom Robin Fisher

First Time Secondary Sessions

Using Google Drive/Docs - Gene Carboni

Interactive Apps for the High School Classroom - Chris Buck

iPad Introduction - Chuck Ginter

From eSchool News: 10 of the best Apple and Android apps for education in 2014
Apps to consider:
iBooks, iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, Pages, Keynote, Photosynth, My Sketch, Pro HDR, Skype, Notability, SoundNote, Penultimate, Evernote, Quickoffice, Dragon Dictation, CloudOn, Google Drive, Dropbox, iTunes U, Teacher (Socrative), Khan Academy, Teacher Kit, Showme, Comic Life, Voice Dream, Educreation, Inspiration, Qrafter Pro (QR Code reader/creator), Scan (QR Code reader), Laudate ("The most popular and comprehensive free Catholic App."), Virtual Body, Video Physics, Star Walk, Essential Skeleton, Calculator (MyScript Calculator), Wolframalpha, Wolfram Calculas, Wolfram Algebra, Wolfram General Chemistry, Wolfram Physics, (Basically anything Wolfram), SMART Notebook, neuAnotate+, PDF PROVider, Scanner, TinyScan, Opera Mini (alternative web browser), Chrome, Google Earth, Living Earth, Word Lens, FaceBook, Twitter, Tumbler, Linkedin, Quickoffice, CloudOn, Google Drive, Prezi
Note: Microsoft Office for the iPad requires a monthly subscription

Returning Secondary Sessions

Using Interactive Apps for Assessment - Chris Buck

Using the SAMR Model to Make Old Lessons New - Gene Carboni

Flipped Learening - Chuck Ginter

"Flipped Learning is a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter." (

Assisgnment to be completed prior to our session:

Whether you are a veteran or novice "flipper," please view the "Required Viewing" videos by following the links found in the "Flipping Learning Resources" pdf doucment below. (Be prepared, total viewing time for all of the videos is almost 42 minutes.) In addition, you my also want to review some of the "Highly Recommended" or "Optional" videos as well. Finally, there are numerous links to web based articles and web sites that you may also find helpful in your quest to understand "Flipped Learning" and deside if it is a vialble alternative or addition with respect to how material is delivered and consumed in your educational environment.

Finally, to aid in our pending discussions, I would like to collect your thoughts and/or comments both "pro" and "con" with respect to “flipped learning.” To that end, please access the "Flipped Learning Pro's and Con's" form by clicking on the link below and add your thoughts and/or comments.

Flipped Learning Pro's & Con's

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Archbishop Carroll Project Sharing Responses Web Version

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Saving & Opening Files in Google Drive - Gene Carboni

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